Coastal area crops damage due to dusty winds flow and shortage of irrigation water


BADIN: Dusty winds continued from last couple of days consequently crops perished in the coastal area.

As details, Fast wind flows with 75 km per hrs & brings dust in various area of district Badin including Seerani, Bhugra Memon, Kadhan, Behdmi, Ahmed Rajo, Golarchi, Nindo, Khoski, Shadi Large & others cities & towns of district Badin. The crops of the hundreds acres received a huge loss due to dusty wind. The fast dust wind which flows with 75 km per hr is continued from last couple of days consequently crops like paddy, cotton & sugar cane received a huge loss & some where it is perished.

Other hands, due to acute shortage of the irrigation water growers are staging their protest demonstration for demanding the release of irrigation water for district Badin, in this connection grower of the district Badin also held sit in in-front of Badin Press Club for many days but no result was seen.

The growers of district Badin are staging their protest & sit in  at different areas including Golarchi, Tando Bago, Kadhan, Seerani, Badin & others cities & towns.

Administrations have done their promises with growers for immediate release of irrigation water but these remains only promise but yet no irrigation water released for district Badin.

Other hand, growers of district Badin vowed to continue their protests throughout the district Badin till their demands acceptance.

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