CMH Lahore Medical College held Breast Cancer awareness Seminar

LAHORE: Pink Ribbon Campaign in collaboration with CMH Lahore Medical College and Institute of Dentistry held a Breast Cancer awareness session for medical students and doctors at CMH Lahore. Medical College. Objective of the session was to raise awareness and also give an opportunity to medical students and doctors to share their experiences and case studies about the fatal disease.
Pink Ribbon Campaign Chief Executive Omer Aftab said that there is a dire need of providing women with diagnostic facilities as early deduction of Breast Cancer increase the chances of survival up to 90%. He added that unfortunately the incidence of Brest Cancer is increasing alarmingly in young girls also in Pakistan. He also thanked administration of CMH Lahore Medical College for their support.
Professor Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Chaudury Head department of Community Medicine welcomed that participant of seminar. He said Women in developing countries like Pakistan tend to die at greater rates than women in developed countries because the disease is generally detected when it is in advanced stages. He said educating the masses and health professionals are highly important in fighting the breast cancer.
Assistant Professor Lady Wallington Hospital Dr. Lubna explained the causes and effects of breast cancer and particularly highlighted the effect of Vitamin D Levels on incidence of the disease.
Major Dr. Zeshan Ahmed Alvi, clinical oncologist CMH Lahore, highlighted the risk factor of breast cancer.
Despite that Breast cancer claims nearly 40,000 lives every years, there is a lack of medical facility for its diagnosis and treatment. To fill the gap, Pink Ribbon has started its fundraising campaign for the construction of Pakistan’s first dedicated Breast cancer Hospital in Lahore. The campaign aims to save thousands of lives every year by providing women with the state-of-the art diagnosis and treatment facilities. The hospital will offer free diagnostic services to needy women.
Pakistan has the highest rate of Breast Cancer in whole of Asia with every 9th woman at high risk of getting this deadly disease. Nearly 40,000 women die of Breast Cancer in Pakistan every year as its prevalence is the highest amongst all the cancers in Pakistan i.e 38.5%.

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