CM will Inaugurate Sachal`s Urs on July 13th

By Shakeel Khan

SUKKUR: Chief Minister Sindh will inaugurate the celebration of 193rd Urs of Hazrat Sachal Sarmast at Daraza Sharif in Gambat 14th Ramadan.

Deputy Commissioner (DC) Khairpur, Deputy Commissioner Munawwar Ali Mithiani in meetings earlier in connection with arrangements of the Urs.

In the meetings the DC, who is Chairman Sachal Sarmast Yadghar Committee (SSYC), directed the concerned officers to meet their assignments so that the Urs was celebrated in a befitting manner.

He informed them that the CM Sindh would inaugurate the celebration on 14th of Ramazan, July 13.

He directed the SSP Khairpur to ensure foolproof security, establish police pickets along the routes to the Mazaar. He also ordered the municipal authorities to ensure cleanliness in the city.

He said cattle show, musical night and other colorful events will be held during the three-day celebrations.

It is mention over here that like every year, the followers of Sarmast from India, Bangladesh, Iran, Turkey and other countries will arrive on the occasion.

According to Sajjada Nashin (the caretaker of the shrine) of Sachal Sarmast, Dr Sakhi Qabool Muhammad Faruqi, Sachal means truthful while Sarmast refers to someone who is lost in the love of truth. The saint’s real name was Hafiz Abdul Wahab, but he came to be known as Sachal Sarmast since he challenged the rigid mindset of his time, he added.

Farooqi said that the period of his birth was full of political, religious and social turbulence and unrest in Sindh. He is also known as the ‘Shair-e-Haft Zaban (poet of seven languages)’ since he composed verses in Sindhi, Seraiki, Persian, Urdu, Arabic, Hindi and Punjabi. He was born in 1739 and died in 1827 in Daraza Sharif, Khairpur.


Akbar Shah vows to serve the interests of Arts Council


Shakeel Khan

SUKKUR: President of Arts Council Khairpur (ACK), Syed Akbar Shah vowed to serve the interests of all members of the Arts Council and also welcomed any good suggestions by any of the members of the Arts Council as well notables.

While talking to APP on Tuesday, newly elected President of ACK said that he want to an end to terrorism and extremism and to that end, propose that special impetus be given to the promotion of art and culture adding that the media should accord special attention to such programmes.

He said that Council is aiming at promoting the development of the arts and culture industry by working with artists and engaging arts and culture organisations.

He said that the business community should also support the arts and culture sectors and not just the government. we need to all work together to develop these sectors,” said Syed Akbar Shah.

Shah said keeping art accessible and a prominent part of the community is something he plans to continue.

Otherside, the artists including, Writers, Poets and Singers, termed the gesture of the newly elected office-bearers a good one and hoped it would help in promoting healthy values in the region.

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