Civil society organizes monthly public gathering, “Awam jo Awaz”

Dileep Doshi Lohano
Thar is passing through the 3rd consistent year, water scarcity issue is on its peak, land grabbing in Thar in the name of politics is a big matter and mega projects of extracting one billion acre feet underground water will cause a havoc with Thar shared by speakers on a occasion of monthly public gathering, “Awam jo Awaz” organized here outside of press club Chachro.

Veteran social activist Dr Sono Khangharani shared that there is work going on to extract the estimated one billion acre feet underground water with out any soial and environmental impact assessment and it may cause havoc with environment of Thar. He identified a mega project of water storage near village Vejhiar and locals are unaware about the benefits or consequences of the scheme because no SEI was conducted and public hearing organized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Government of Sindh. He warned that such mega schemes without any long term planning may harm the environment of Thar and lay down basis of long term consequences, so there is need to take measures timely and save the future of Thar and Thari people.

Gotam Rathi, a well-known local intellectual shared on the occasion that Thar is passing through the third consistent year of drought in northern part of District Tharparkar people are migrating due to shortage of water and not a single Government department or other stakeholder taking care of miseries of Thari people.

Qamaruddin Rahimoo, a social and political worker called upon the elected representatives from Tharparkar that they must feel the screams of suffering souls of Thar in worst period of drought. He further identified that due to drought in Thar the population is in grip of so many issues, especially diseases and majority of population is unable to get the treatment because in Chachro area here is thin network of health facilities as well as roads and public transport; in the result pregnant women and infants die on the way to hospitals. He also demanded from opposition parties that they must come forward and echo the voice of suffering souls of Thar.

Woman activist of Thar, Ms. Fatima Saund shared that Govt should initiate a food supplement for pregnant women and neonatal to over come the issue of increasing deaths in Thar.

On the occasion, Mohammad Sharif Rahimoo shared that Thari people are suffering due to consequences of drought period but unfortunately media and other stakeholders are not paying attention. He shown concern that may be like last year, situation will get worst and people of Thar will die, so before going to happen the mishaps, authorities concerned should take the notice and save Thari people.

In this public gathering a big number of villagers participated and on the occasion, Mumtaz ali rahimoo, Jan Mohammad Samoo, Jagan Mal Meghwar, Naroomal, Arbab Ali, Lajpat Rai, Kale Khan Bajeer, Dr. Ajay, Kewalram, Ghulam Mohammad Saund and others shared their views. The majority shown the concerns about the survival of Thari people. They also pointed out the ongoing land grabbing in towns of Thar in the name of religion and with backing of elected representatives.

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