Chinese delegation assures to invest $3.5 billion in Thar coal project

ISLAMABAD, Apr 20 (INP): Chinese investors on Monday assured to surprise Pakistan by producing cheap electricity from Thar’s coal and stated that Pakistan however, needs some time to overcome energy crisis.

In an interview with a private TV channel , Chinese delegation vowed to fulfill the dream of cheap electricity production of their old friend Pakistan. They said that it’s not difficult to generate electricity as Thar has 175 billion tons of coal.

Investors stated that Shanghai Electric Company would assist Pakistani engineers to utilize their natural coal for electricity production.

Chairman of Shanghai Electric Company and CEO of Sino-Sindh Resources said that China will invest three and a half billion dollars in Thar to activate its industry.
They further said that successful installation of power production plant would surely decrease electricity’s price to 50 percent per unit.

Responding to a question, Chinese delegation claimed that power outage cannot be eradicated at once, therefore, the Pakistani government has to initiate more Thar mill and hydro plans.

Meanwhile, Chinese investors termed Pakistani land fruitful for foreign investment and said that China has no fear with respect to security in Pakistan.
Moreover, delegation further vowed to strengthen the Pak-China relations by cooperating in every sector.

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