Chieftain differences intensifies unar family after death of former Provincial Minister Altaf

G. R Gorar
differences intensified amongst the unar family after the death of former Provincial Minister Haji Altaf Hussain Unar over the matter of turban, his eldest nephew of Allah Bux alias Dado Unar, who claimed to be a real heir or ancestral Turban of Unar tribe after the death of his uncle.
According to him, his father Ali Dino Khan Unar was eldest brother of Haji Ghulam Hussain Unar and Haji Altaf Hussain Unar, addressing the press conference at Ali Abad has said that “ I am real heirs of unar tribe in Larkana to wear the Turban after the death of my uncle Altaf Hussain Unar” he claimed that his father Ali Dino Unar was an elder brother of then after the demise of his father he was only 10 year old, that time it was decided that Allah Bux Unar will be handed over the turban when he will grow up.
Allah Bux Unar said that “ I advise to Aadil Altaf Unar, Adeel Altaf Unar and Adnan unar to withdraw from Turban issue in the best interest of community and set aside all differences.”
He appealed to all chieftains of all communities not participate in Pag ( Turban) ceremony by avoiding wrong tradition, hundreds people of Unar community are insisting me to lead the tribe.

G. R Gorar
Lawyers fraternity continued boycott of judicial proceedings in Larkana for arrest the killers of advocate Syed Waqarul Hassan Shah and against the target killing of lawyers in Karachi and other parts of country here on Friday.
The protest was led by President PML N Larkana district Babu Sarfraz Khan Jatoi, Nisar Ahmed Abro General Secretary PML Lawyers forum, Irshad Chandion and others.
Protesting lawyers were holding the banners and placards inscribed with slogans in favor of their demands and called for the protection of lawyers.
Talking to media men they said that Sindh government has failed to protect the lawyers and arrest the involved accused, adding terrorists are openly targeting to lawyers and other citizens but the rulers are reluctant to take any action.
They demanded of high ups to take notice of cold murder of Syed Waqarul Hassan and conduct the judicial inquiry of matter.

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