Sameer Nazir
Chief Secretary Sindh, Sajjad Saleem Hotiana, today paid a welfare good will visit to Lyari General Hospital and Civil Hospital at Karachi. It was an informal visit, Begum Sajjad Saleem Hotiana, who is also a doctor, and few Social Workers were accompanied by the Chief Secretary.
It was the first time in the history that a Chief Secretary visited the Hospitals without any protocol. His wife herself cooked food for many patients at home, and distributed the food, fruit and cash to the patients of the said hospitals.
The Chief Secretary expressed concern over the insanitation in both the hospitals. He swept the garbage by holding broom, and scratched the paan and Gutka derbies from window cranes, at LGH, while the Chief Secretary Sajjad Saleem Hotian washed the Bath Room, assisted by Secretary Health, Medical Superintendent and others officers.
Chief Secretary together with his wife and daughter individually met all the patients and advised the doctors to ensure full medication/treatment. He also deputed Assistant Commissioner (General) Mr. Shahzeb of Karachi) as coordinator for Lyari General Hospital, to monitor and assist Hospital Management in treatment of the patients whom Chief Secretary met. In CHK, Hotiana also asked M.S. Saeed Qureshi to arrange necessary lab-tests of the serious patients of kidney and liver, Secretary Health, Dr. Iqbal Durrani, DG.PDMA Sulman Shah D.C. South Mustafa Jamal Kazi, Social Workers, Nadeem Shaikh Advocate and Atam Parkash Chanani.
Meanwhile, Sajjad advised the Secretary health to submit comprehensive report regarding staff position, funding, facilities, and issues of the Lyari General Hospital within two days.