Chief Minister Sindh presides 175th full committee meeting of IRC

Sameer Nazir
The Indus River Commission (IRC) in its 175th full committee meeting held under the Chairmanship of Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah at CM House today has accorded Technical approval to 07 different Flood protective and communication development schemes fallen alongwith both river banks.
The IRC recommended to re visit and to further scrutinize 13 other schemes through subcommittee of the commission within shortest possible time, to ensure fool proof safety of the embankments.
The IRC is the apex authority headed by Chief Minister Sindh, with all Chief Engineers irrigation region and Superintendent Engineers of all Irrigation circles MD SIDA, Director AWBs, as members, to approve flood reports/ schemes along both river banks in Sindh. In addition the minutes of last meeting 18 different flood protective and two communications (Roads – Bridges) schemes were discussed in detail by the members of the commission.
After threadbare discussion NOC was accorded to five flood protective proposed schemes which include, providing stone pitching and stone Apron along with Qadir Pur loop Bund, construction of Three stone studs along Qadir pur Shank Bund , recouping of maintenance section 20 of stone apron from 1/5 to 2/2 and providing 4 stone studs along Mile 2/0 to 2/4 old Tori Bund, construction of “J” spur along ultra Jagir Bund Mile 4/0 + 125 and construction of two “T” spurs at mile 4/2 + 300 & mile 4/4 + 580 in west division Khairpur, Besdies recouping stone apron to maintenance section SM Bund mile 12/4 to 12/7 and 0/0 + 110 Bakhri loop Bund and escape channel RD- 28 + 700 to 29 + 00 and 30+0 to 30 + 325 and raising and strengthening of SM Bund mile 12/0 to 12/7 and escape channel RD 22 to 28 left side in Kandiaro Bund Sub-division was accorded necessary N.O.C.
Similarly the meeting after detail discussion and assurance of technical viability recommended for issuing N.O.C for construction Road Bridge & mattled road along Baiji Bund mile 0/0 to 4/4 & R/N Bund mile 8/4 to 12/4 and Jhirk Mulla Katiar Bridge on Indus River. During the briefing on the Jhirk Mulla Katiar Bridge on Indus river the meeting was informed that previously the section of the bridge was designed as narrow, which was suppose to create obstacle in the flow of river specially during the high flood consequently this design was objected and it was recommended to the executing authority to increase its length up to 1700 meters to ensure Zero obstacle subsequently, the designed has been changed with 1700 meters as recommended by IRC.
After the Hydrological model study, it has been proved that now this bridge was technically viable and will not create any obstacle in the flow of the Indus water. The IRC unanimously accorded the NOC for this project.
The meeting was informed that construction work on Jhirk Mullo Katiar Bridge was in progress and it to be completed in April 2015. It will reduce the distance towards Karachi and facilitate the people of Lower Sindh. Addressing the meeting the Chief Minister Sindh said that Sindh was Agro Based province and water was life line for its inhabitants. He said that effective ways, means and plans were essentially needed not only optimum utilization of irrigation water but its conservation and protections as well.
He said that after the past experience of flash flood, Sindh Govt has spent huge amount to strengthen the flood proactive Bunds. He said that in addition to protecting the Bunds of Indus River, strategy for efficient utilization of available water was very much essential for our Agro production, Agro employment and ensures flood security.
The Chief Minister Sindh directed the officers that henceforth they to bring such schemes 4 to 5 months before the budget for discussion. He also directed that financial status of early scheme must be mentioned in the meeting papers.
The Secretary Irrigation Babar Effendi while briefing the meeting said that these proposed schemes have been prepared by keeping in view of experience of past flood. He said that all the schemes have been weighted, excuritinized before submitting the meeting, However he agreed with the Chair for re visiting these schemes from financial point of view.

Police should take innovative structural reforms: CM Sindh

Sameer Nazir
The Chief Minister Sindh, Syed Qaim Ali Shah has said that innovative structural reforms were being introduced in the Sindh police to enhance its capacity and rapid response in controlling the crime. This he said while presiding over meeting regarding launching of computerization criminal record office project and detection of illegal number plates of the vehicles in the Karachi held at CM House Karachi today. Addressing the meeting the Chief Minister Sindh said that Sindh Govt has invested huge amount in maintaining law & order in the province and will not hesitate to spare more funds to follow criminals. He said that establishment of crime record office with collaboration of Karachi police and Citizen Trust Against Crime (CTAC) would be proved an innovative and effective step towards controlling the crime in the city. He said that computerization of criminal record would also be helpful not only to have access to criminals but get them convicted from courts as well. He said that mostly stolen or snatched vehicles are being used for crime but after launching this project this trend will be decreased to minimum level as vehicle in question would immediately be traced out under command of this project. He said that Sindh Govt needs help from the NADRA and Civil society to curb the crime with success. He said that today we are living in modern age and we want to use all modern methodologies / technologies to achieves designed goals in each field including maintain law & order. He asked officers to go ahead towards the automation of their organization and directed for effective linkages. The Sindh Minister Excise and Taxation while talking in the meeting said that his department was extending full help to Karachi police and citizens trust against crime (CTAC) organization for verification of thousands of illegal vehicles playing on the roads.
He said that he also was bringing latest reforms in the excise department by introducing security feature number plates of the vehicles and added that it will give more access to Sindh Police to the un registered, stolen vehicles. The renowned Singer Shahzad Roy talking on behalf of CTAC claimed that he has got the NADRA agreed for criminal’s verification under crime record office project which was jointly run by Karachi police and CTAC. He said that this is joint venture project to bring 113 police stations online however, he stressed for expediting the implementation on this project and giving at real ownership from Govt of Sindh. The Chief Secretary Sindh Sajjad Saleem Hotiyana, Secretary to CM Alumuddin Bullow, Secretary Excise Abdul Majeed Pathan, Secretary Law Mir Muhammad Shaikh, DIG Police Sultan Khuwaja and other officers also attended the meeting.

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