Challenges that awaits after Zarb-e-Azab operation launched

Sarah Mughal

Since the operation Zarb e Azab has been launched in the North Waziristan, some 0.4 million IDPs have been registered at different registration points Pakistan Army has set up. Pakistan Government and Army has unanimous support for the operation from the civil society for Zarb e Azab but we cannot ignore and deny the consequences in short and long run.

The matter which requires immediate attention is the facilitation of IDP’s.

The camps already have been set up and federal government is supporting KP government in the task however it appears that major part is still done by the Army. The federal and provincial disaster management authorities should be mobilized to come up with an extensive plan for assisting the IDP’s as the Holy Month of Ramzan is just around the corner.

The provincial health authorities should also be mobilized to set the medical camps for medical inspection of the IDP’s to prevent any potential outburst in the camps.

The situation calls for a discrete monitoring of the facilitation and relief activities by Prime Minister House as it involves the life and health of thousands of people who just got displaced from their own towns and homes.

The stance of other provincial governments on supporting IDP’s had not been very encouraging and more needs to be done on that front.

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