Letter to the Editor

During this month only in one road accident near Malir Karachi, 60 precious lives of innocent children, women and men were burnt away and only this single incident was sufficient to open the eyes of the Transport Authorities but it … read more

Allama Mashriqi and Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Allama Mashriqi, the Nationalist Muslim Allama Mashriqi (Inayatullah Khan) who was born in Amritsar on 25th August 1888) was an Islamic scholar and founder of the Khaksar movement. Mashriqi was a noted intellectual who became a college Principal at the … read more

A tale of survival…!

Avinash Hari The growing fundamentalism has created the thought of religious supremacy by which one class of people in majority, dominating the society and frequently violating the rights of people in minority, belonging to other class or religion. The hatred … read more