THE HUMAN PROBLEM: Series letters to Scientists by Allama Innayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi… (Topics series)

World- wars are gradually bringing Man round to the idea of one Government, although the vicious intention of man against man is perhaps still there in the brains of the politicians who uphold it. On the other hand Capitalist Democracy on one side and aggressive Communism on the other are viewing with each other to capture the imagination of Man and the basic idea of both seems to be to appropriate to the full all resources of the Earth for one particular group and destroy or enslave the weak and ‘inferior’ “surplus” population of the Earth. Power is borrowed on both sides from the scientist, who is slavishly engaged in producing instruments of human destruction with almost a religious belief in his mind that he doing the right thing. He work in his laboratory, under the subtle spell of the clever propaganda of his masters as a tame slave of the politician who snatches his inventions from him as ‘matter of right’ for the pittance he bestows on him for his living. And the scientist, not only now but from ages has been going on as a dumb and mute “mock potentate” whose status is actually not much above that of a laborer! ” Democracy ” is the arch-curse, which prevents Human race from becoming a fraternized regiment (even on elementary lines as the lower animals) for the purpose of waging a collective war against Nature with the noble and enlivening idea of capturing the whole Universe.


A deep reflection on FACTS will reveal the hitherto unnoticed virgin truth that Capital has inherently no value unless the invention of the scientist is there to be put into used by the capital. Another deep thought brings us to equally startling conclusion that “labor ” comes to a complete standstill if scientists withhold their invention and refuses to teach the laborers how to produce it. Brain thus in practice the only thing, which moves Men and Money. The Scientist has realized little during his ages that the world moves only an account of him, that all the progress on the Earth (in every conceivable form) is due to his brain alone, that the ages of salivary has brought him down to the position of a vassal, and dunces and the duffers of “political” are ruling the Earth with the ignorance and the lust, realizing little that the development of Mankind is taking place away from the real biological purpose of the nature.

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