Can Brangelina rekindle their romance?

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were once deeply in love with one another, and despite what was once a bitterly contested divorce, they appear to be close friends again. Could the pair ever reunite?

While Pitt was with Jennifer Aniston at the time that his romance began with Jolie, it cannot be denied that the former couple was absolutely enamoured with one another from the start, reports The Inquisitr.

A source has said that to merely call them “head over heels” in love wouldn’t even begin to describe the passion that Brad and Angelina reportedly felt for each other. “She’s missing her one ride-or-die support system, who’s always championed her no matter what.

She’s keeping her head up, but she’s desperate and lonely and starting to feel like she made the mistake of a lifetime,” said the source. According to reports, once the reality of getting divorced hit Jolie, insiders allege that she realised she made a huge mistake and was missing Pitt and all of the support he offered her.

She reportedly felt like she had made too “hasty” of a decision and thrown away her marriage. “Angie is doubting herself and her hasty decision to file for divorce. She wonders if she’s thrown away what could have been a lifetime of happiness in one fell swoop,” added another source close to Jolie.

Now, however, Jolie and Pitt appear to have become friends once again, and things have gone much smoother since the pair decided to keep the details of their divorce secret. They also no longer seem to be feuding over their children, and Pitt recently had his six children over to his home in Los Feliz for a sleepover.

And rather than go through an intermediary, he is reportedly now speaking directly to Jolie when it comes to discussing their children.