Brahamdagh Bugti wants peace talks with establishment; says Malik Baloch has no mandate

Brahamdagh Bugti

LONDON, Nov 11 (INP): Exiled chief of Baloch Republican Party Brahamdagh Bugti has expressed his readiness for talks for peace in Balochistan but said that chief minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch has no powers for negotiation.

In an interview with BBC’s Urdu Service, the Baloch leader said that the chief minister Abdul Malik Baloch and federal minister Abdul Qadir Baloch have recently met him in Geneva. He said he was ready for talks with the government as his grandfather had also never closed doors for talks. He said that he wanted to talk to those who had powers to improve the situation in Balochistan.

“If the army and Pakistan establishment has changed its mindset and ready to stop operation and solve politically the Balochistan issue, then I am also ready for talks,” he told BBC. He said that peace could not be restored in Balochistan, unless conducive environment for peace talks was ensured and the operations were stopped.

Brahamdagh had been rejecting dialogue in the past but in an interview with BBC in August, 2015 he said if people of Balochistan decide, he was ready to give up the demand for an Independent Balochistan.

He said he told Dr Malik Baloch and Minister Abdul Qadir Baloch that if the army and Pakistani establishment have changed their mind, he was ready for dialogue.

He said ,how could negotiation start, when the operations are going on .

He rejected reports about returning to Pakistan, as well as his contacts with the army. He said Pakistani political leadership has held meetings with him over the last sometime but there had been no contact by the Pakistan army. He categorically stated that he was not returning to Pakistan.


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