Book on Allama Mashriqi in World-Famous American Book Fair (2015)

Book on Allama Mashriqi in World-Famous American Book Fair (2015)

Allama Mashriqi Narrowly Escapes the Gallows, a book by Nasim Yousaf (Mashriqi’s grandson), will be exhibited at the world-renowned BookExpo America taking place at the Javits Center in New York City from May 27-31, 2015. Exhibitors from around the world will be displaying their works at this event and attendees include publishing industry professionals, authors, media and others.

In addition to BookExpo, Mr. Yousaf’s books on Allama Mashriqi and Dr. Akhter Hameed Khan will be exhibited at the Frankfurt Book Fair and the American Library Association Annual Conference (San Francisco). In April of 2015, his book entitled Mahatma Gandhi & My Grandfather, Allama Mashriqi: A Groundbreaking Narrative of India’s Partition was exhibited at the London Book Fair. The Library Journal (USA) will also have promotional information about this book at the aforementioned Library Association conference in June. These events are an opportunity for people from around the world to learn more about Mashriqi’s life.

Back Cover for Allama Mashriqi Narrowly Escapes the Gallows:

“The undesirable torture I have been put to by the previous Government for uncommitted crimes will remain a landmark in the history of corruption and tyranny for all time…My suffering almost to the point of death that I had to face at the hands of the political tyrants, has not gone in vain and I am happy that truth and righteousness have at last won a battle like of which has, perhaps seldom happened in the history of the defeat of evil.” – Allama Mashriqi, 1958

Allama Mashriqi Narrowly Escapes the Gallows chronicles one of the most high-profile court cases in South Asian history. The case arose in 1958 when Allama Mashriqi, who led the freedom of the Indian sub-continent, was falsely implicated in the assassination of the former Chief Minister of then West Pakistan (East Pakistan became Bangladesh in 1971). News of Mashriqi’s arrest for the murder spread like wildfire; it was broadcast via radio transmissions, special supplements (Zamima), and front-page banner-headlines. The nation was gripped by the news and could not believe that Mashriqi was responsible for such a heinous act. As the subsequent trial demonstrated, Mashriqi was an innocent man and the trial was actually part of a broader plan to “get Mr. Mashriqi and other accused Khaksars hanged” (The Pakistan Times, June 15, 1958).

About the Author:

Allama Mashriqi Narrowly Escapes the Gallows is written by Scholar and Historian Nasim Yousaf, a grandson of Allama Inayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi (famously known as Allama Mashriqi). Mr. Yousaf has thus far published 34 works, which include 15 books and 19 digital versions of rare and historical documents (including a digital compilation of Mashriqi’s newspaper Al-Islah). Mr Yousaf’s works have brought awareness in both the East and West regarding Allama Mashriqi’s leading role in the freedom movement in British India. Mr. Yousaf’s books on Allama Mashriqi (and Dr. Akhter Hameed Khan) can be found in top research and academic libraries around the world (from Australia to Europe and Africa to North America). His articles have appeared in prestigious scholarly and academic journals in the US and his bio has been published in “Who’s Who in the World” and “Who’s Who in America.” In March 2015, the Independent Book Publishers Association, the largest not-for-profit trade association in the book publishing industry, featured Mr. Yousaf in one of its publications.

Public interest in Mr. Yousaf’s works has been strong and is evident from his popular fan page on Facebook (, which has thousands of “likes” and is visited by a large number of people on a weekly basis. Ultimately, the impact of Mr. Yousaf’s works has been to bring awareness amongst the public regarding the Indian subcontinent’s distorted history as well as to inform the people of Mashriqi’s important role in bringing freedom to India.

More information on the author is available on the internet and social media, including, Scribd, YouTube, Flickr, and Twitter.