Bollywood star ready to conquer US’: Paper magazine calls Deepika Padukone

Paper Magazine — yes, the same one on whose cover Kim Kardashian posed naked and “broke the internet” — has announced that she is the Bollywood biggie who will hit the stateside soon enough. This is days after Vanity Fair announced her as Hollywood’s next generation.

Deepika talked about her experience of working in Hollywood. “I have to admit that before I left India, I was very, very nervous about working in a new environment with a new setup and new people,” she told the magazine, “And, yes, I think the first couple of days there, it did take me a while to get used to a new environment and people I had never worked with before. But I think within a couple of days I got extremely comfortable, and I would say two things: One, I give credit to the people I’ve worked with for making me feel so comfortable and making me feel at home.

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