Bipasha is her own stylist

mumbai:From being a model to an actress, Bipasha Basu has always been a popular face on the fashion circuit. With her appearances on and off the screen as well as on the red carpet, gorgeous Bips makes a statement almost every time. What’s more, the actress has turned stylist for an online fashion portal. We take a close look at her sartorial choices and fashion mantras…

1. W for inspiration
I don’t have a style guru. I am inspired by the women around me and the women in my family.

2. The ultimate touch
No outfit is complete without the right accessories. It’s the final touch to help you make a statement and express who you want to be on a particular day. Accessories make an impression and can elevate even the simplest of outfits. But I can’t choose which is my favourite accessory because I am a girl! I love and want them all – bags, shoes, jewellery, etc.

3. Casual chic
As far as comfort is concerned, I love wearing racer back vests with tights or shorts, and maxi dresses.

“I always say that good films will definitely work. ‘Queen’, ‘Kahaani’ all of them have set examples.”
4. Colour me red
Red is my favourite colour. It is bright, sensuous, vibrant and lifts my mood instantly. Among all places to pick clothes from, London is my favourite shopping destination.

5. Looking up
On the international fashion platform, I love Beyonce Knowles. She is a complete woman – sexy, exotic and talented. I love Rachel Zoe (American stylist) and how she defines style: `Style is a way to say who you are, without having to speak.` She is always dressed to the T and in the know of what’s going on. In Bollywood, I love Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. They are such clothes horses and can truly carry off anything.
6. Metal mix
A fashion myth that needs to be busted is that you can’t wear gold and silver jewellery together. I’ve never really understood why because when you wear these two metals together, it’s one beautiful style statement!

7. Monsoon magic
Don’t let rainy days get you down. Dress and accessorise smartly. A waterproof tote is a great option for the day, to fit all your essentials. A huge trend this year is transparent clutches, which is also a lovely option for night time. Monsoon footwear doesn’t have to be frumpy! Jelly flats are a smart footwear option.

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