Bollywood: Hindu activist party Shiv Sina has threatened the organizers to cancel the concert organized for Atif Aslam scheduled for Saturday, saying that they will not allow any artist from Pakistan to schedule any concert in Pune,
‘Music knows no boundaries’ is something that some people don’t seem to believe in. Atif aslam, the pop sensation has been restricted to perform in India. Yes, you heard it right! The Indian fans of atif aslam who have always waited for his Indian tours have been left heartbroken. The reason behind the cancellation of the show that was supposed to happen in Pune is the threat given by Indian extremist party, Shiv Sena.

According to the reports, the show was supposed to take place on 25th of April but the organizers of the show had to cancel it down because of the threats they received from Shiv Sena leaders. The show was a musical festival and Atif’s fans from all over India had already purchased the tickets which will now be refunded to them.

The reason why the Shiv Sena leaders have asked the organizers to cancel the show is that they think the show is against their patriotism. Having a singer from across the border and arranging a musical concert with him is something that is not acceptable in their own definition of patriotism. All the fuss actually happened when the ex MLA of the city, Mahadev Babar wrote a letter to the police commissioner and asked him to take actions against this “unpatriotic activity”.

This is however, not the first time when the Shiv Sena leaders showed their true self. Before this, the Pakistani singer turned actor, Ali Zafar had to face a lot of difficulties when his movie “Kill Dill” was about to release earlier this year.

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