Axact scandal: Interior Ministry to contact FBI, Interpol for assistance

ISLAMABAD: Interior Ministry Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has announced that in the next two days his ministry will be contacting US agency Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI) and Interpol for assistance in the Axact scandal.

Nisar spoke to the media following a high-level meeting to discuss the scandal. The interior minister said he understood the media’s interest in the case and stressed that the inquiry would be transparent. “No pressure will be tolerated,” Nisar said in reference to the ongoing investigation.

The interior minister told reporters that in the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) an inquiry is conducted following which a decision is made to lodge an FIR. “The timeframe for this is 90 days but since this is an important case the Ministry of Interior is trying to ensure that the initial inquiry should be less than 90 days.”

Nisar assured that in the next seven days the initial inquiry would be complete and after that a decision will be made on what the next step should be.

The interior minister announced that in the next two days the ministry would write a letter to the FBI for legal assistance in the case. He further said that Interpol would also be contacted because the agency could provide information pertaining to universities.

According to the interior minister Britain may also be contacted for legal assistance.

“SECP, FBR, PASHA and PTA will receive briefings on this case,” Nisar said.

Commenting on the on-going investigation, Nisar told reporters the evidence which had come forward was substantive.

“If we did not act swiftly we would not have been able to gain access to the records,” Nisar said in response to a question.