Attempted jailbreak: Policeman sold house four months ago

KARACHI: Sindh Minister for Prisons, Manzoor Wasan said Monday the house in Ghousia Colony through which a tunnel was being dug to carry out a prison break at the Central Jail was sold by a policeman four months ago.
Wasan said the distance between Ghousia Colony and the Central Jail was 100 feet. He added that an investigation was being carried out to determine who was involved in this jailbreak attempt and included a probe into internal involvement.
The provincial prison ministers revealed three suspects had been arrested while raids were being carried out for further arrests.
Earlier, Deputy DG Rangers, Colonel Tahir revealed an attempt to free terrorists from the Central Jail had been foiled. He said a tunnel was being dug from a nearby house to launch an attack and release prisoners from the jail.

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