Tasnim Aslam: Forced election in held Kashmir not substitute for plebiscite

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Office (FO) spokesperson Tasnim Aslam on Friday said that the election ‘at gunpoint’ in held Kashmir is not the substitute of Kashmiris’ right to self determination, adding that Pakistan will continue political, diplomatic and moral support for the people of Kashmir.
In the weekly briefing, FO spokeswoman said that India has forgotten the promises made by its former prime minister.
She said that one lakh Kashmiris have sacrificed their lives for the struggle for freedom, adding that Pakistan will continue supporting the people of Kashmir for their right to self-determination.
Regarding India’s bid to become permanent member of United Nations’ Security Council, Ms Aslam said that the interests of all countries have to be taken into account and not just of two or three countries.
She said that Chinese president Xi Jinping will visit Pakistan this year, adding that the exact dates of the visit will be determined later.
Ms Aslam said that Pakistan has been bearing the burden of Afghan refugees for over a decade. She said that the refugees were supposed to go back by December 2014, adding that the government will soon take steps for their return.
FO spokeswoman also termed return of Pakistani ambassadors to Bangladesh ‘regrettable’.

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