Archaeologists and experts on 2nd day of Int’l conference readout research papers


— Provincial Minister including administration and historical society representatives were absent

By Nazir Siyal
Renowned archaeologists of U.S.A, U.K, France, Spain, Japan and Italy read out their research papers on Mohenjo Daro and Indus valley civilization on 3-day International conference held here Friday.
The technical aspects of the research papers were thoroughly discussed by the experts in International Conference and aware the participants, while conference recorded low participation, even Provincial Minister for culture and archaeology Syed Sardar Ali Shah, local administration and historical society representatives were absent in the important session.
The research papers were on technical aspects dealing with excavation carried out hitherto measures undertaken to protect and preserve the sites for posterity, while mid-term plans for site preservation and promotion of tourism suggested. The experts also discussed the signs of the Indus script discovered; seals carving techniques and other related issues.
Archaeologist from Japan Dr. Ayumu Konasukawa, who obtained his Ph.D. from the Department of Archeology at the Deccan College Postgraduate and Research Institute (Pune, India), readout his paper on the subject of “Chronological change and continuity of Seal Carving Techniques from the Early Harappan to the Haprappan periods in the Ghagar Basin.
Another scholar, Dr. Atsushi Noguchi readout his paper on” Development of Lithic Technological System and Socio-Economic integration Through the Early Harappan Period: The key Role of the Northern Sindh and Mohenjo daro.
Dr. Rita Patricia Wright, archaeologist from the United States of America, a Senior Lecturer on Anthropology, Harvard University, readout his research papers on the subject of, “Enigmatic” polities and the Indus Civilization”.
French Scholar Sophia Merry, the Director of French Archaeological Mission to the UAE excavated sites in Abu Dhabi, in her absence, the research paper on the subject of “Beyond the trade: the potters of Meluhha (Pakistan) as vectors of the diffusion to Magan (Eastern Arabia) of a technological and material culture during the Indus Period” was read out in conference.
On the occasion, expert termed Sindh Government’s decision to convene International Conference on Mohenjo Daro and Indus Valley Civilization was a need of hour and they expressed their hope that the recommendations finalized by speakers would be implemented with strong commitment and determination they said.
Former Sindh Minister and Senator, Sassui Paleejo in her presidential address of one session said that before 18th constitutional amendment, the federal government did not pay required attention to the archaeological sites, adding that in the wake of devolution of powers, the provincial governments would be taking concrete measures to protect and preserve the world heritage for the posterity.
The participants were informed on some projects and initiatives launched by the government of Sindh in order to protect the site from the onslaughts of flood, water logging and salinity with the help of satellite images.
Whereas, District Historical Society (DHS) has expressed their reservations and absence in International conference, talking to The Nation President and Secretary S. M Yousuf and Mukhtiar Samo has welcomed the Int’l conference but simultaneously they have demanded of the involvement of local and proper stakeholders, it should not only a photo session of activities since.
They articulated that authorities concerned and those professionals in depth knowledge should be the part of the conference otherwise it would be a time killing. It is a good omen to invite international researchers and delegates, but it should be repeated properly by follow up of activities and mean to work and preserve archaeological sites.
DHS President S. M Yousuf disclosed that Z. A Bhutto, Begum Nusrat Bhutto and other leaders had took efforts for this objectives, but question is what objectives achieved and why not Protection and Preservation of World Heritage yet since.
He said Provincial Secretary a visionary and professional, he can promote in better way and the former authorities were made only vandalism on ancient sites and neglect of International asset Mohen jo Daro.