Altaf Hussain vows to lead MQM until death

KARACHI: Showing no signs of remorse, Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s head honcho Altaf Hussain, who is under fire from all sides after threatening Pakistan’s military establishment with dire consequences, Saturday vowed to lead his movement until his last breath.

“A hell of allegations had been broken loose against the MQM by controversializing my speech,” Hussain said in a statement issued from London.

No matter how disappointing party office bearers’ performance may be, he would not talk about leaving his party anymore, Hussain said.

“I will never give up on them even if they continue to fail to live up to my expectations,” the MQM leader added. Altaf Hussain said he was not afraid of any regressive measures the government was bent on taking against him.

“They are talking about reopening old cases. They have banned my speeches from being aired on the TV channels. And they want to lodge a case against me under Article 6. I will say just one thing to my would-be prosecutors: Be my guest,” a defiant MQM leader sounded out.

Hussain said he and his followers in the masses were bonded for good and there was nothing that could separate them. The MQM supremo wrapped up his statement on a regretful note.

“It’s so unfair that shots are being taken at crushing a leading political party like the MQM by calling it traitorous,” Hussain said.

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