Altaf Hussain poses 14 questions to Army chief

KARACHI: Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) chief, Altaf Hussain has posed 14 questions to Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif which he said were the voice of every Mohajir elder, mother, son, youth and child.

In a statement, MQM chief Altaf Hussain said Allah Almighty had blessed General Raheel Sharif with the greatest and most powerful position.

The MQM chief said 41 party workers were still missing since the start of the Rangers operation in Karachi. He further asked how many officers and soldiers have been convicted for torturing detained MQM workers to death.

“Why was the MQM the sole focus of extra-judicial killings, raids and arrests,” Altaf Hussain asked.

Altaf Hussain further said the army was a symbol of unity in any country but on 19 June, 1992 the army shifted the focus of an operation aimed at ’72 big fish’ towards the MQM.

The MQM chief added that a forged map of Jinnahpur was distributed among journalists and a testimony could be given on this. However, the MQM chief said the testimony would only be given if it was guaranteed if no action was taken against him or his family.

Altaf Hussain asked under what crime his brother 70-year-old Nasir Hussain and 28-year-old nephew Arif Hussain shot and martyred. He said during the operation and raids women were beaten.

Why was material taken after the 19 June, 1992 operation from homes and offices not returned? This material Altaf said included videos, audio recorders, photographs and literature.

Altaf Hussain said no government gives license to kill for political retaliation, asking that for the last time ‘us Mohajirs should be told what we should do.’

“Despite losing everything, why is it that till this day we have not been accepted?”

The MQM chief added, that a few bad fish ruin the pond. He said, that 40 days have passed and certain parties are allowed to hold sit-ins and protests in Islamabad’s Red Zone. He questioned, if the Rangers and law enforcement agencies would become active if the MQM were to protest in the red zone.

“Why did the Rangers not take action against those individuals who attacked the PTV building and stole equipment?”

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