Altaf Hussain applies for Pak passport

KARACHI: The MQM chief, Altaf Hussain, has applied for a Pakistani passport, it has been learnt. Informed sources told The News that the London-based MQM chief has contacted the Pakistan High Commission in London for the issuance of a Pakistani passport.

The self-exiled MQM leader, who presently holds the British passport, had the expired copy of his Pakistani passport that was issued to him some 23 years back in 1991. His Pakistani ID card has also expired.

Altaf Hussain had left Karachi for London one month before the then PML-N government launched the Operation Clean-up in 1992 and sent the military into Karachi to crack down on the MQM. He applied for political asylum in Britain. Later, he applied for the British nationality and got the UK passport as well.

Ever since his departure from Pakistan, Altaf Hussain never showed his intentions to return despite repeated taunts from his opponents to come back and lead the party instead of running the MQM through a remote control. It is not clear even now if he has applied for the Pakistani passport to return to Karachi after rescinding his British nationality.

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