All set for ‘national jirga’ on Aafia

Political leadership, civil society, rights campaigners reach Karachi to attend the jirga

KARACHI: Preparations have already been finalized for a grand National Jirga in Karachi to discuss the issue of Dr Aafia Siddiqui imprisonment, and political leadership, civil society members, rights campaigners from different parts of the country are reaching Karachi to attend this important national moot, while a large number of Karachiites would participate in this unique national program.
Aafia Movement leader Dr Fowzia Siddiqui here Wednesday said this national jirga in front of Mazar-e-Quaid Karachi holds paramount importance, as it would discuss the Aafia Issue from different angles and formulate solid recommendations for taking necessary steps on State and non-State level to secure early and honorable release and repatriation of the daughter of the nation. She said this Jirga would not only prove to be the voice of Pakistani nation but also reflect the aspirations of whole Ummah on the issue of Aafia Siddiqui.
She said now when an agreement has already been inked between Pakistan and United States of America for the exchange of prisoners, there is no justification of further delay in securing the repatriation of Dr Aafia. She hoped that the relations between the two nations would further improve when Aafia is sent back to rejoin her children and ailing mother in Karachi. She said this would also give a great boost to people-to-people relations between Pakistan and the US, and also help the US administration improving its ties with the Muslim world. She reminded that the trial and conviction of Dr Aafia on flimsy grounds has already tarnished the US justice system worldwide, and the repatriation of Aafia would provide the US a chance to improve its image in the sectors of justice system and human rights. She said Dr Aafia’s reunion with her children would also uphold the US standards and traditions for defending the rights of mothers and children.
She appealed to the Karachiites to attend the moot along with their families to express solidarity with their sister Dr Aafia Siddiqui.

Supermeal-Cricket World Cup 2015,

KARACHI: At the outset of the Cricket World Cup 2015, Supermeal again comes up with a grand cricketing competition online named ‘Jeeto Superstars Ka Bat’wherein each and every bite will lead you towards winning the opportunity to meet cricket Superstars and other amazing prizes in a flash.
Supermeal’s ‘Jeeto Superstars Ka Bat’ happens to be a series of online cricket festivities officially celebrated by Supermeal during major cricket tournaments each year. Last year in March 2014, (formerly launched ‘Foortal BOOM BOOM T20’, an online gameplay so as to intensify the national cricket fever in Pakistan during T20 Cricket World Cup 2014. Providing cricket buffs with a unique opportunity to those foodie couch potatoes, who also happened to be the born cricket freaks, to test their acumen and prediction skills out of their wild guess instincts. Top 50 winners enjoyed an evening with Shahid Khan Afridi on 26th April 2012 in Karachi.
This time, it’s on a bigger spectrum. The winners are going to claim more than a world cup trophy. It’s a Superstars’ BAT! The bat of leading and emerging cricket stars (including Shahid Afridi, Younis Khan, Sohaib Maqsood, Sarfaraz Ahmed, Muhammad Irfan, Yasir Shah and Sohail Khan). In addition to this, there are hand-signed balls by Shahid Afridi.
No, No, this is not it. The best is this; at the end of the tournament Top 10 scorers will be invited to have a grand dinner with these super stars. What’s more can you think of other than the above? It’s a million dollar opportunity.
The winning recipe is so simple: Starting this February 14th, 2015, the more you order online via, the more your chances are to win The Superstars’ Bat. In addition to this, your prediction abilities before every match will score you extra bonus runs. Your total score will be increased whenever your predicted team wins the match. Match predictions can be done here;
Being a socially responsible organisation, team Supermeal will donate 10% of your every order to Shahid Afridi Foundation’s charity funds.
Again, merging the never-ending delight of food and cricket together, offers you an opportunity to relish the best food while enjoying nation’s favorite game. Thanks to Supermeal World Cup 2015, it is always better to act on a hunch, whether dining out with your friends or craving for today’s lunch. So, what are you still waiting for? Make it snappy!

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