Ahmad Edhi says 150 bodies transferred to Karachi’s Edhi morgue

Sweltering heat takes 106 lives in Karachi

KARACHI: At least 106 people have died of heat strokes, dehydration and other diseases due to sizzling heat in Karachi during the last two days.

Seventy-five people died in Jinnah Hospital, 20 in Abbasi Shaheed, 9 in Lyari General Hospital and 2 in Civil Hospital.

Seemi Jamali, Executive Director of Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre, confirmed that the deaths occurred due to heat-related diseases.

On the other hand, Edhi morgue in Karachi has received 130 bodies from different parts of the city. The number of bodies suggests a rapid surge in the last two days.

However, it was yet to be confirmed whether it was due to heath related diseases. Officials at the Edhi morgue say they are making arrangements for the burial of the bodies.

At least 150 bodies have been shifted to Edhi’s morgue centre in the past 24 hours in Karachi on Sunday.
According to the senior officer Ahmad Edhi, the administration has decided to bury at least 30 abandoned corpses at Edhi graveyard due to lack of space.
Intense hot weather, old aging and different diseases have been reported as a cause of their deaths, Edhi foundation confirmed.