By Nazir Siyal

KARACHI; Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar along with Mold Anwar,
Chairman, DMC-East, Hussain Agha, ExecutiVe Director, Agha Steel Industries and Amir Ghanchi, Vice President, Voice of Karachi inaugurated AGHA STEEL CIRCLE at main Shaheed-eMillat Road, Karachi.
The roundabout was adapted and beautified with a master piece art to exhibit national Unity, Brotherhood and Strength. The said development has generously donated and will be maintained by Agha Steel Industries under its Social Corporate Responsibility
(CSR) initiative in strategic partnership with Voice of Karachi and support from DMC-East.
“The addition of this conceptual monument will enhance the beauty of Karachi with a positive message of unity and strength, these kind of initiatives will beautify the, city in a very creative manner” said Waseem Akhtar, Mayor Karachi.H

HussainAgha, Executive Director, Agha Steel Industries said “This development is aggiftto the beloved motherland and to all nation as well, this city has given us manyo opportunitiesto grow and Agha Steel will return those blessings through various CSRi initiativessuch as Agha Dialysis Centers, Agha Steel Circle and many other to share them message of unity “Karachi se Kashmir Tak – Mayaar aur Bharosey ki Pehchan” ensignst themission of Agha Steel.”

Amir Ghanchi from Voice of Karachi thanked all partner organizations and
institutions for making this dream, a reality to serve the city and civil society with a mission to serve at their best.

Mohd Anwar, Chairman, DMC-East thanked Agha Steel and Voice of Karachi for this effective and productive partnership where industry and civil society stand together to support the Local Government of Karachi to run the city effectively and smoothly.

He also hoped to have these kind of collaborations for some other projects in future as well.

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