Aamir the new global icon of Bollywood

LONDON: Several personalities across the globe have signed an initiative to make a better tomorrow and create awareness in their countries.

Action 2015 is a global initiative wherein world leaders have signed on to eradicate poverty.

Two critical United Nations summits will take place this year. The first in September, where the world must agree new goals to eradicate extreme poverty, tackle inequality and ensure a more sustainable planet.

The second is the climate summit in December where we must ensure the wellbeing of people today doesn’t come at the expense of our children’s futures.

Joining the likes of Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Malala Yousafzai, Bill Gates, Hugh Jackman, Jose Padilha, Bono and Ted Turner among others, Aamir Khan is the only person invited to join the initiative from India.

India is a signatory to the programme and Aamir is the representative from India.
As a part of Action 2015, Aamir will work towards achieving the New Millinium Goals which are; removing poverty, education for all children and protecting the environment among other goals.

His job will be to promote the idea from a grassroot level that poverty and illness can be eradicated and to tell those in need that help exists.

Aamir has been selected to be a part of the initiative due to the welfare work he has been carrying out in India.

The initiative has got great support from leaders all over the world.

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