A Wedding Worth A Million: Katrina to re-unite with Salman

NEW DELHI: Well with some unbelievable unexpected affairs taking place on the occasion of Arpita’s wedding it looks like, that besides Arpita and Ayush this much anticipated wedding of the year is going to change many things in Salman’s life too. Why we think so? Because we have got another candid revelation to make about the wedding of Salman’s pampered lil sister.

At the Arpita’s Mehandi ceremony we witnessed the reunion of Salman’s with his long time bete noire SRK, and now reports suggest that at wedding ceremony it’s Kat who will be re-united with Salman. If hot-hot speculations coming from tinsel are to be believed then as per them, to make Arpita’s wedding special Khan-daan has planned star performances to add to its glory. And besides Arbaaz, Sohail and many other celebs of tinsel town, it’s going to ex-flames Salman and Kat who will be unleashing their jocundity by their performances by sharing the same stage.
As everybody knows that Katrina is no less than a family member for Khan-daan and just a few days back in order to make Arpita’s day special she sent her make up and hairstylist Daniel Bauer to take care of Arpita’s bridal make up for her big day. Besides many of you may not be knowing that it was Arpita only who introduced Kat to Salman many years ago, and post that what followed is a known secret for one and all.
So now with buzz about reunion of Katrina and Salman for Arpita’s D-day, let’s hope that Salman fans get another chance to see their Bhaai happy, because of two very special reasons.Wink…Wink…

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