A small grants of Solar Lights Distribution in the Coastal Areas


THATTA: Under the project “Promote Alternate Energy in Coastal Area” SHEEDO in collaboration with UNDP, GEF, Small Grants Programme organized Solar Lights Distribution Ceremony. Journalists, Teachers, Notable Citizens, Villagers, and Social & Political Leaders were attended the event. At the starting Project Manager Asif Khaskheli, on behalf of SHEEDO and UNDP welcomed to all of the participants and shared objectives of the project as well as event objectives.

After that while addressing to the event, guests said, this is really timely initiative by SHEEDO and UNDP, they support to poor masses who living in coastal area and facing many hurdles, having no any basic facility available where they live. This project definitely benefits to the rural community and ease their lives in many aspects.
Further they said, under this project community got enough knowledge regarding environmental protection, indeed it is remarkable symbol. We hope the candle has been light through this project, will be lighting to backward areas of Jati coastal belt. Community who lives in darkness they can feel what darkness is. But through this project they have been gifted with lights through solar lights. We people have idea that the thing we call light, it is priceless. We optimize this would be first stop to move towards prospers.  It is time to raise our voice against the environmental pollution which is increasing day by day and effects our healthy environment. We must take stand to ensure protection of natural resources as well. At the end of the event solar lights have been distributed among deserving men and women who comes from different targeted villages.