A colorful meena bazaar organizes by Right to Play

Shakeel Khan
A large number of school children including women, remote areas of the Kot Mir Muhammad, district Khairpur thronged the Meena Bazar, organized by a non-government organization Right to Play Khairpur office . Beautifully arranged canopies housing different stalls were arranged in a large circle stalls.
Stalls of food, music, outfits and handicrafts and variety of other items attracted the Children and female community, children where they took part in different competitions. They also displayed great interest in network games and singing.
An art corner was also established where children were engaged in clay dough molding, textured painting and other art activities.
The food court was another major attraction for women where traditional cuisines as well as were available at reasonable rates.
Besides, a corner was also set where different publications of Right To Play and news letters were displayed for the promotion and projection of Right To Play.
A visitor, Ms najma said, “I never miss such Meena bazazr arranged by Right to Play in her village, as they not only re-calls me the school days, but also provide all necessary handicraft things as wll as Mehndi at reasonable rates”. Besides foods, were a total sold out, and had a constant crowd of eager buyers thronging the stall.
The successful family event started early on Tuesday and provided a great time to female and children of the remote areas to enjoy.
The Meena Bazar proved to be a string of pearls featuring a variety of fun filled activities designed for different age groups like Skits on different issues, cultural performances, songs competition for kids, chart drawing competition. Tableaus were presented in which they highlighted the issues of gender equality in education and sports based on the vision and mission of RTP under supervision of their head coaches and teachers from various prestigious community schools.
Earlier, Speaking on the occasion, DEO of the Sindh Education department, Liaqat Ali Khaskheli who was also the (Chief Guest of Summer Camp lauded the efforts of Right To play for organizing this event in a marginalized village of Kingri Taluka, he thanked the communities for their cooperation because without their efforts this event has not been organized in this great way.
A notable of the areas, Zaheer-u-Din Ghumro, hailed the efforts of the Right to Play and said this brought a positive change in the children. “ I am feeling that children are becoming more confident and when they were performing on different tableaus they highlighted different social issues which children are facing in their lives”, he added.
PC Right to Play, Akram Shaikh said that his organization’s dream is to create a world where everyone will be treated equally without any difference of gender and social status adding that Right To play’s game’s based upon the philosophy to bring positive change in the behaviors of the children.
He said that the purpose for organizing this event is to give opportunities to marginalized communities who have less opportunities and exposure due underprivileged section of society.
A large number of teachers, students and HCs of GGPS KOt Deenal Shah, GGPS Rahoojha, GGPS Piryalio, GGPS Salar Mohalla, GGPS Burgahai, GGPS Sanwalo Jamli participated in the event and demonstrated their talent.
In the end DEO Liaqat Ali Khaskheli distributed prizes among the children who participated in different activities and won the prizes.

IGHDS marked World Humanitarian Day in Sukkur

Shakeel Khan
World Humanitarian Day observed by the Inter Global Human Development Society (IGHDS) in an local hotel of Sukkur here on Tuesday to raised the awareness of humanitarian work and the people who risk their lives to provide aid to people in need.
Speaking in the event, Programme Manager Help Age International Shahzado Khaskheli in his presidential address said older people make up a significant and growing number of those affected by humanitarian crises adding that their age can make them amongst the most vulnerable people in disasters and crises. Yet many older people also play a valuable role that is often overlooked, he said.
He said that they are often the primary carers of other vulnerable people, especially children adding that this is particularly the case in areas where the parent generation is missing because of HIV and AIDS, economic migration or conflict and children are left in the care of their grandparents.
Dr Mansoor Ali said that older people can also play an important role in household livelihoods and this may be through financial and material contributions as well as productive labour. The contribution of older people to family and household duties also often enables other household members to find employment and income for the household, he added. Older people’s accumulated experience, knowledge and understanding also makes them a valuable resource for their communities, Dr Mansoor observed.
On the occasion large number of representatives of the different NGOs, INGOs, Civil society, Journalists and notables attended the event.

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