9 kills in fresh Ukraine fighting: officials

Kiev: Nine people were killed and 35 more wounded in fresh fighting in eastern Ukraine as marathon peace talks dragged on in Minsk, officials said on Thursday.
“As a result of shelling and clashes two Ukrainian soldiers were killed, 21 more were wounded,” Vladyslav Seleznyov, spokesman for Ukraine´s General Staff, told reporters.
Separately, the city administration in rebel-held Donetsk said seven people were killed and 14 wounded in the fighting. “The night of 11 to 12 February in Donetsk was tense,” the administration said.
“Powerful explosions and salvos could be heard periodically,” it said, adding that heavy artillery could still be heard in Donetsk as of 0730 GMT.
Separately, the pro-Ukrainian volunteer battalion Azov reported “heavy fighting” in several villages outside the strategic port of Mariupol early Thursday. “The situation is becoming more complicated,” the Azov battalion said in a statement.
“The enemy is trying to counter-attack with the support of artillery and tanks. Apparently they´ve resorted to everything at their disposal: tanks, artillery, mortars, rockets.”
Azov said “the enemy” had tried to shell Mariupol itself but the missiles did not reach the city.

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