7 infants die in Sargodha DHQ Hospital

SARGODHA: Seven newborn babies died on Wednesday apparently due to lack of oxygen in District Headquarters (DHQ) Teaching Hospital Sargodha while the parents of the deceased infants blamed hospital administration for negligence.

Details have it that seven newborn babies died few hours after their birth due to lack of oxygen as claimed by their family members. They told that there was no arrangement of oxygen at the hospital and the unavailability of any senior doctor resulted in the deaths of seven children.

The first infant died at 9:00pm last night after which the heirs of the children kept on demanding the administration for senior doctors, however, their requests remained unheard.

Four students of Sargodha Medical College were present in the hospital but they could not provide any relief.

According to Medical Superintendent (MS) of DHQ Teaching Hospital Dr Iqbal Sami, the age of the deceased infants was less than 48 hours while four of them had been brought from different private hospitals last night.

He further told that the infants were provided with proper medical care, however, an inquiry committee has been set up to investigate the cause of deaths.

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