5 dies: A high level contamination in underground water turns brackish

Bureau Report
By not releasing water of Indus river down stream Kotri on one hand Indus delta has been destroyed while on the other sea was eroding fertile lands of Thatta and Badin districts, the voice against which was raised 3 days back in Sindh Assembly which has passed resolution to take steps to halt sea water from eating away lands.
Now one more adverse effect has come to fore that is loss of human life at coastal belt areas where the underground water being used since centuries by villagers for consumption by men and animals has started to turn brackish. In a coastal village Haji Nathalo Jamari underground water has started to claim precious lives of people. In span of few years 5 persons had died while scores dehydrated due to consuming under ground water and were suffering from hepatitis and bone diseases. This village is located in Tehsil Shah Karim Bulri of district Tando Muhammad Khan.
Renowned writer Pir Bux Jamari told that after drinking underground water a person feels pain in teeth, then liver is affected and patient turns mentally ill. He said he lost his 4 sons by drinking underground water. He told that at present scores of people including children and women have fallen in this deadly disease. Advocate Wali Muhammad Jamari told that Senator Dr. Karim Khwaja who is also head of an NGO named Peoples Health Initiative which has been handed over many government hospitals in Thatta and Badin districts had made pledge for R.O plant to provide pure drinking water to coastal belt villages but his promise evaporated in the air. He demanded from government to take immediate measures to save innocent lives of villagers living along coastal belt.

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