400 asteroids could destroy life in next century: NASA

London: ‘Life on Earth’ as we know it may be destroyed within a century. Scientists now believe that life on earth could get destroyed with impacts from around 400 asteroids between 2017 and 2113, as per a new data revealed by NASA.

The previously unknown asteroid belt that has been located in deep space could hit earth by 2017 and it could destroy living creatures.

A bus-sized asteroid named 2014 EC came within 61,637 kilometers of Earth in March claims Brian Cox, a renowned Physicist. Shocked experts have mentioned that it could rain down on the earth for a 100 years, and would change the climate for many millennia.

An astronomy expert at the University of Buckingham, Professor Bill Napier says that as the atmospheric chemistry would be upset by cutting out sunlight, a strike by either an asteroid or debris from a comet could have devastating consequences.

He further added that there are tens of thousands of these in space which are quite capable of causing damage on a regional scale. But the more immediate risk comes from sub-kilometre (smaller) asteroids.

Astronomers at the LaSagra Observatory in Spain discovered that Asteroid 2012 DA14 currently has less than a one per cent chance of hitting Earth but scientists can’t rule out the possibility that it might smash into the planet.