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By Sameer Nazir

KARACHI: Hitit Computer Services and PIA celebrate their first anniversary of completing the migration process in Pakistan. The first anniversary was celebrated with an official gala dinner at Karachi and attended by dignitaries representing Hitit, PIA, TAAP and the Turkish Consulate.

PIA and Hitit had signed their partnership agreement. In just five months, on the 12th of September 2018, the technology transfer process of PIA was completed.

All the airline reservations, inventory control, ticketing and check-in procedures, flight operations, scheduling, revenue management and accounting are processed by Hitit’s Crane Solution Suite. In line with this cooperation, PIA has also begun to use Hitit’s Cargo solution for its domestic lines. The technology transformation boosted by Hitit, has paved the way for a remarkable financial recovery for PIA. According to a report from the Aviation Division, PIA has increased its revenue by 30 percent in the first six months of 2019. The airline was saving as much as Rs. 1 billion per month thanks to Hitit’s solutions. Hitit’s PSS has reduced the cost to half of what PIA was paying to the US-based firm Saber. Hitit’s system is forecast to give savings of more than 70% of PIA’s previous PSS costs over the next 5 years. These results demonstrate that Hitit and PIA are focused on growing together.

The signature ceremony of the partnership agreement demonstrates that PIA and Hitit have created a very special partnership beyond the aviation industry and trade relationship, and in harmony with the two countries’ meaningful history.

Hitit contributed to PIA’s Al-Shifa Trust which runs a Special School & Rehabilitation Centre providing special education, therapies and rehabilitation services for around 100 children.

Hitit, which was named one of the Top 5 PSS providers in the field of aviation and travel IT systems, provides services to a wide range of carriers from start-up airlines to hybrid and network airlines like FlyArystan, Pegasus Airlines, PIA and many more.
Computer Services and PIA celebrate their first anniversary of completing the migration process in Pakistan. The 1 year anniversary was celebrated with an official dinner attended by dignitaries representing Hitit Computer Services, PIA TAAP and the Turkish Consulate at Movenpick, Karachi.

Drape Events were the official event planners for the event with PH Solutions as the official PR partners.


Hitit, established in 1994, is considered one of the top 5 global airline and travel IT solution providers in the world. Hitit’s brand “Crane” offers a comprehensive suite that serves flag carriers, low-cost and hybrid airlines, as well as ground-handling agencies with more than 65 million annual passengers. Hitit is a one stop shop for Software as a Service new generation airline IT solutions with modules geared towards every part of an airline’s business lifecycle. With a strong team of consultants and ever-changing progressive vision, Hitit is an industry leader in seamless integration, high performance implementation, and customer support. With multiple sales and distribution channel support and unlimited ancillary capabilities, Hitit’s solutions and services provide airlines with the ability to maximise profit and minimise costs.