The International Students’ Festival in Trondheim

By Muhammad Attique Shah

Eyes weep the tears of blood, when it looks over the increasing trend of corruption in the world. As usual in adverse to every evil, there are some good characters and voices which restrict the limits of these unfavorable factors towards the welfare of humanity. Same is the case with corruption, to stop the roots of corruption from further strengthening, most prominent job is seen in the world which we recognize by the title of “International Students’ Festival in Trondheim (ISFiT), Norway”. ISFiT was initiated in 1995. Since its beginning to contemporary period ISFiT has been celebrating the event under the umbrella of a new theme every year. After the struggles of more than a decade, ISFiT is ranked as one of the world’s largest students’ international festival.
This year ISFiT is running its campaign for its festival of 2015 which will focus over the theme “Corruption”. ISFiT 2015 aims to call 450 participants from all over the world and about 400 volunteers to mark the flag of event’s success. These participants are provided with free accommodation and participation facilities. However, to make sure the participation of poor and financially weak students, ISFiT do provide them the option of financial aid while submitting their application for participation.
So far, ISFiT has been involved in unfinished efforts to make the festival of 2015 successful one as much as possible. To do so, one of the wonderful step initiated by ISFiT is of selecting global ambassadors from the entire world. ISFiT has selected about 450 ambassadors from all over the world to scatter, popularize and advertise the concept of ISFiT in every trough and crust of the world.
In Pakistan it is very necessary to talk about the updates of ISFiT in the country. From Pakistan many students applied for the ambassadorship of ISFiT few months back. After an interval of 2 to 3 months, in August Muhammad Attique Shah from Sukkur IBA received an email of greetings of his selection as a global ambassador for ISFiT 2015. Along with that email ISFiT specified some tasks over ambassadors’ shoulders. Those tasks included organizing ISFiT awareness workshops, Social networking campaigns, distributing the flyers of ISFiT 2015 among the students, sharing stories of corruption in Pakistan on Global Infection’s website etc.
Very soon, after ISFiT assigned these tasks, He came up with successful news, views and updates. Till the end of September 2015, He worked over social networking campaign of ISFiT. While on 30th September 2015, the last date of application submission, a great workshop was organized at Sukkur IBA to facilitate and aware students to apply for ISFiT 2015. This workshop was also addressed by Marius Jones, present of ISFiT 2015, who encouraged the students and wished them, best of lucks for participating in ISFiT 2015. Soon after this workshop the number of applications of students from Pakistan reached its peak.
So for, ISFiT is trying its best to come up with all possible opportunities which can play a vital role towards the eradication of corruption from entire globe. It provide students a very nice chance to raise their voice against corruption, build international relations, make new friends and experience the best eleven days of the life, that is the duration of overall ISFiT 2015.
In short success of ISFiT 2015, would not only be praised in an count of ISFiT but also it can create possibilities for the world to live in a better way by the help of solutions borne as the result of ISFiT 2015, as per the slogan of ISFiT “Trade your ideas”.

This is Muhammad Attique Shah. I am currently enrolled in Business Degree program at Sukkur IBA. I have been serving the field of journalism since 5 years.
More about me:
Ambassador at ISFiT
Global Ambassador at Bernas Freds Verne BFV

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