1-Day conference on “Permanent solution of Drought in Tharparkar”

Dileep Doshi Lohano

THARPARKAR: A one day conference on “Permanent solution of Drought in Tharparkar” held by Rehabilitation Department, Government of Sindh at Darbar Hall, DC office Mithi here on Monday.
Taj Haider, Relief Coordinator for Chief Minister Sindh, Asif Ikram, Deputy Commissioner, Secretaries of different departments of Sindh, representatives of civil society organizations, politicians, media persons and others participated in conference.
The participants shared their views, ideas and suggestions to deal the drought situation in Tharparkar in future.
On that occasion, Asif Ikram, Deputy Commissioner Tharparkar said that a wheat bag of 50 kg is not a solution of drought, but education should be first priority in Tharparkar and my first priority is to empower and uplift the education system in remote villages of this area. Handicrafts of Thari women will be promoted, he added.
Taj Haider, Relief Coordinator for Chief Minister of Sindh were of the views that distribution of relief material will be continued till coming four months. Summer session is under way and death casualties might be raised in hot season. 5-acre land would be distributed among Thari rural women and 3 thousands will be given to poor Thari female students as honouriam, he further added.
It should be mention here that Dr. Mahesh Kumar Malani MPA of Mithi, Dost Muhammad Rahimoo MPA of Chachro, Makhdoom Khalil-un-Zaman MPA of Nagarparkar, Pir Noor Muhammad Shah Jilani MNA and other representatives of Tharparkar did not attend the conference.

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