Indian occupied on water resouces no word to halt work on controversial hydro projects

ISLAMABAD: Two-day Pakistan-India Permanent Indus Commission (PIC) talks concluded here on Tuesday.
India only withdrew the design of a smaller hydro power project and agreed to reconsider Pakistan’s observations on two others.

There was, however, no commitment from the visiting side to halt construction work on the controversial projects, indicating India’s traditional time-gaining approach to project development.

This was evident from the fact that a senior member of the Pakistani team confirmed that construction work on the Lower Kalnai project was in progress while that on the Pakul Dal project was yet to start. Both projects are on two different tributaries of the Chenab River.

India has already built over 60 hydro projects and occupied on the water resources in Kashmir Rivers to Pakistan and never agreed to halt these projects. India still building dams on the water reservoirs since long without prior permission from Pakistan and avoid UN bindings.

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