SENATE 572 Military Courts extension bill to be tabled in Senate today

ISLAMABAD: The 28th Constitutional Amendment bill to reconstitute military courts, which was overwhelmingly passed last day in National Assembly is to be tabled in the upper house of the Parliament today (Wednesday).

After the passage from Senate, the bill will be sent to the President of the country for the final endorsement to make it a law.

The constitution (Twenty Eight Amendment) will permit a parliamentary committee to monitor the military court affairs.

The tenure of military courts came to an end on January 7, 2017, however a series of terror attacks in the country particularly after Sehwan shrine blast sparked debate over revival of military courts among policy makers.

Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) had its concerns and reservations on extension of military courts and the party proposed its nine recommendations over extension of the military courts.

On the assembly floor on Monday, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar while winding up the debate said that after expiry of the tenure of the military courts on 7th January this year, the government in consensus with all the parliamentary parties has decided to revive these courts.

He said fifteen meetings of the parliamentary leaders and five meetings of the technical committee were held in this regard. He said it was agreed to revive the military courts for next two years. He said the Parliamentary Committee on National Security that was constituted after the incident of Abbottabad, will also be revived through a resolution and it will oversight the functioning of the military courts.

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