launches new property magazine

Aqsa Shabbir

Lahore:, Pakistan’s premier real estate portal, has launched its official monthly

magazine, which is a property-focused publication aimed at property buyers and dealers

Zeeshan Ali Khan, Co-Founder of, said, “We are absolutely delighted to

announce the launch of magazine, which is another value-added product from

the platform of”

The eponymous glossy magazine comprises premier property listings from the portal,

offering its clients additional exposure while simultaneously catering to the needs of all

kinds of buyers in the country.

Some of the key highlights of the magazine are featured projects from around the country,

which also grace the cover of the magazine, thereby significantly improving their visibility

and broadening the horizons for builders and developers on the advertisement front.

Committed to providing innovative ways for developers to showcase and market their

projects, has now developed another unique branding platform for the

stakeholders to make a name for themselves in the booming real estate sector of Pakistan.

The 60-page magazine – the first of its kind in Pakistan – does a wonderful job of

encapsulating the vast amount of activity in one of the largest and most robust real estate

markets of the region by dedicating four full pages completely to news. It also features’s highly insightful market report, expert articles on everything from local

property laws to architecture, and everything in between.

Despite the exponential growth in its internet population, printed content is still very

popular in Pakistan. To wit, a UNESCO survey conducted in 2011 put Pakistan in 10th

terms of newspaper circulation in the world. Zeeshan says that magazine aims

to capitalise on this massive audience and make property listings “more consumable for

people who are either offline or not online that frequently.”

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