Secretary Health issues notification of appointed 58 doctors, but 29 joined at Tharparkar services

THARPARKAR: Mian Fiyaz Rabani, Inspecting Judge has submitted inspection report in Sindh High Court on drought situation in Tharparkar here on Tuesday.

In inspection report, it has been revealed that death of children in Tharparkar had occurred due to malnutrition just because of negligence of administration.

Only 19 dispensaries are functional out 71 and 52 dispensaries are non-functional in entire district, Inspection Judge has mentioned in the report.

Secretary Health had appointed 58 doctors and issued notifications but only 29 doctors have joined their duty and rest 29 doctors have not joined yet, Mian Fiyaz Rabani mentioned in report. Except Civil hospital Mithi, there is no any lady doctor posted in rest 5 taluka of Tharparkar, that’s why casualties increased also, he added.

There was duty of administration to declare the drought condition in Tharparkar on proper time during the month of August but that was not happen on time and relief activities did not started by government that’s why death toll increased, Inspecting Judge mentioned.

Mian Fiyaz Rabani, stated that there is acute shortage of clean drinking water in remote villages of Tharparkar, that is also main reason of different diseases.

Wheat should be distributed among all drought affected people of entire district, because there is a basic right of all registered voters of Tharparkar, he added.

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