PEMRA to suspend channels’ licenses airing Indian content

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) on Tuesday announced that it can suspend the licenses of channels airing Indian content illegally.
According to a notification issued by the authority, PEMRA has authorized its chairman to suspend or cancel the licenses of channels─without issuing a show-cause notice or hearing─ in case a channels airs illegal Indian content.
The authority further announced that it will start its operation against illegal Indian channels and content from October 16.
“In the wake of recent tensions between India and Pakistan, people are vehemently demanding complete ban on Indian content and implementation of PEMRA laws in this regard,” reads the notification.
Just yesterday, a PEMRA session decided that Indian channels and Indian content will be treated in the same way as India treats Pakistani content and artists.
The body unanimously decided that PEMRA will only allow airtime to Indian content if India allows airtime to Pakistani content.
It must be noted that India too is considering a ban on Pakistani content on Indian channels while Pakistani artists and technicians have been banned from working in Indian movies.

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