Current Trends in music industry

Ifla ZAfar
(Student of IIUI)

Lately, I was thinking about trends in music industry and I came across the fact that music industry has something which repeats itself, like some sort of legacy or what. Well in music industry goodbyes and breakups usually don’t last for long. May be nostalgia, may be fame, may be fans don’t like to see people without people they are used to be seen with, this industry is full of band breakups, reunions. Many reunions like pulp, republica are famous even heard about the Pakistani ex-band junnon to come up again with a song altogether, the Smiths are even coming with some big news so, wait or what it’s kind of a trend these days. Records are one media of physical records that’s blooming. Vinyl records have their own charm, the thing to surf music and to give yourself some treat by buying some quality music is still there.
Non-digital music?eh? Ok let’s not talk about HMV there was may be some serious crash but may be they needed to put effort on their .but we have here Simon ray monde with a 25-30 percent year-to-year sale increase in vinyl sales. At the end who doesn’t love trawling in shops buying their favorite music for once in a month. YouTube is the music trend since……forever. Ever found something that cannot be viewed through YouTube? Anything can go viral and get billions of views. Now people might say that it’s against right of musician’s rights that their records are being listened and watched without any cost, but YouTube has a full rights management system so if you are a rights holder you can know who is uploading your stuff and you can take the decision to take it down immediately. Big deal? Either ways YouTube is the ultimate source for every kind of music on the go. Electronic dance music, the sound of commercial house. Just like the one Harris worked with rihanna “we found love”. Why this electronic dance music back in trends is is because now big names like skrillex have brought their filtered beats to stadium-sized audience. So, its hello to EDM by this generation! Female stars are taking over all the music charts with their hits, without even taking the sloganism of ‘girl power’. Sande was UK’s bestselling album artist in 2012.lesss of diva pop” call me maybe” was 2012 second best seller. And most of last year’s unit-shifters were female, stand it or not like it or not u chromosome is showing its skills.

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