We all have experienced that whenever we stop by traffic signals there are beggars

of all age group. Children, women with their new born babies in their laps who are

learning the act of begging from their birth, old men and women, disabled and

some who act to be disabled. It is obvious that begging has turned out into an

organized business with major controlling. The mafia is controlling these beggars

on key locations on daily, weekly or monthly basis. These beggars can make more

money than a labour who works hard in extreme conditions. There has always

been a law to discourage professional beggary but it is not strictly enforced in our

country, thou it is an Islamic state and beggary is prohibited is Islam. In Saudi

Arabia, where the Islamic laws are strictly implicated; beggary is prohibited there

except for those who have their hands or feet cut as a punishment only they are

allowed to beg as they can’t work. It is also said in Quran that “God is gracious to

him that earneth his living by his own labour and not by begging.” There are

recorded facts that in Pakistan criminal groups are involved in beggary where they

increase their profits by cutting out child’s eyes, scarring their faces with acid,

amputating limbs. However, this tendency of begging is not only limited to the

“poverty stricken” or “mafia influenced” out there. It has become a trend not only

amongst the public but also amongst the men in power. As they go before the

world and spread their hands in front of others to beg for “funds” and “aids”,

which do not really reaches the needy, but help in adding their own collection of

assets. It is the need of time that beggars weather poverty stricken or mafia

influenced should forbid beggary and thus follow Islamic rules.


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