Us Withdrawal from Afghanistan and its Implications on Pakistan

Tallat Batool

A complete withdrawal of US and NATO forces seems unrealistic but if this happens then the new setup will definitely will be a challenge for Pakistan. Afghanistan and Pakistan are considered to be inseparable states. Both states were thought to be brotherly states due to many things in common like, historical, cultural, religious, trade and ethnic linkages. Share the longest border, which is not a permanent one because the terrain is mountainous. Pakistan is the one state that has always faced the consequences due to the changes occurred in the politics Afghanistan or the other changes. Afghanistan is an important neighbour for Pakistan as it is landlocked state. Afghanistan is an insulator which connects Central Asian States with South Asia. US withdrawal is still a question for the world. As US will interfere in the internal matters of Afghanistan. Elections have been held in Afghanistan to form a new government. According to the news Abdullah Abdullah is leading in the presidential elections. Although it’s not yet announced officially. Now the withdrawal of US is not only the problem for Pakistan but the relations with the new forming government is another challenge for Pakistan. Pakistan challenges are mainly focused on the terrorist activities in Pakistan which are funded by the Taliban’s in Afghanistan. The Indian influence is another crucial problem for Pakistan. According to Islamabad the separatist movements in Baluchistan are funded and equipped by the Indian agency RAW. Islamabad claims that Indian agency RAW is giving training to the separatist on the Afghan soil. To counter these problems Pakistan should think broad and think seriously how to counter the internal problems. The Nawaz government is also trying to negotiate with the Tehrik e Taliban, which are the main cause of terrorist activities in Pakistan. Mainly should focus on their foreign policy. To go for the good ties with Russia, China and Iran. As US is trying to make Indian influence in this region to counter the hegemony of China, as Indian influence is not beneficial for Pakistan. As they are considered to be the rivals since the separation of Subcontinent. Pakistan should focus on the core issues and should counter them. A dialogue process in Baluchistan should be open. Administrative and constitutional reforms should be made to counter the tensions. As Indian influence will be diluted with the withdrawal of US and NATO forces, and the main cause of TTP that foreign forces have invaded Afghanistan and to go for Jihad will be questionable. Therefore, Pakistan can convert challenges into opportunities with a better approach like it can tap the enormous potential of its geo-strategic location. Pakistan communication network and its ports can serve as a lifeline for the landlocked Afghanistan will open up the mineral rich Asian Republic to the rest of the world. In other words the sooner both these countries understand the importance of each other the better it would be better for them.

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