Hajira Parvaiz

Shisha is from the Persian word shishe, literally translated as glass and not bottle). Hashish is an Arabic word for grass, which may have been another way of saying molasses. Another source states, “In early Arabic texts, the term hashish referred not only to cannabis resin but also to the dried leaves or flower heads and sweetmeats made with them”.
There are generally regarded to be two classifications of shisha molasses: maassal and tumbak(ajami). Ajami shisha is made from pure molasses leaves and is usually more expensive than maassal. Ajami shisha is soaked in water for 10 minutes and then shaped into an inverted cone and put on the bowl (or the head of the shisha, “rass”). The cone should be poked in the middle all the way down for allowing air in. A lit charcoal is placed on the top. Maassal is made of molasses, honey, fruits (apple, strawberries, mint, mixed fruit, etc.) and molasses. A deeper bowl is used for maassal than for ajami, and the lit charcoal is placed on a small sheet of punctured foil surmounting the bowl and its contents, rather than directly on the shisha.
In recent years, shisha smoking has become popular in many places, from Pakistan to London. Smoking shisha involves inhaling the smoke of a fruit-scented tobacco mixture from a water pipe. Many people view it as an alternative to hard drugs and believe it is a harmless way to smoke and socialize, according to an article by the United Nations’ Humanitarian News and Analysis (IRIN). Doctors warn, however, that shisha smoking is worse than smoking cigarettes. The Department of Health said it was difficult to know exactly how much carbon monoxide one cigarette produced, due to the differences in smokers’ inhalations.
At the worst, shisha was 400 to 450 times more dangerous than having a cigarette.

According to the law, it is illegal to sale cigarette to a boy / girl of the age less than 9 years but this law is not implementing by the authorities. It became the fashion for the young generation and separate Shisha lounge are located in hotels and restaurants.
Now I tell about side effects of Shisha smoking are heart diseases, respiratory problems, lungs cancer, asthma, cancer of veins, pneumonia.
Shisha smoking causes all above diseases and as safety measures our government and world health organization banned all the products that contain tobacco and instructed that all Shisha cafés and hotels that are offering Shisha should discontinue their offers. All the laws made for smoking, also implemented in the case of Shisha smoking. Universities and colleges should arrange awareness programs against Shisha smoking. Parents should also guide their children about the disadvantages of Shisha smoking. Recently city district government of Lahore under the section 144 banned Shisha smoking in cafes, hotels etc. Instead of all these measures and instruction, everyday new Shisha cafes and clubs are opening in our country; government should take serious steps and create awareness about the disadvantages of Shisha.

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