Thar coal project to provide 660 mega watt electricity till 2019: CEO SECMC

HYDERABAD: The CEO of Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC), Shamsuddin Shaikh has said that by 2019, 660 mega watts of electricity would be supplied to national gird station from Thar Coal project, this a 2 billion dollar protect and is the most costly project of Pakistan. 15 Pakistani and 3 Chinese banks are financing this project, while among 2028 workers 997 workers are natives of Thar, on the other hand 647 are Chinese and 384 workers belong to different parts of Pakistan.
This he said while briefing the media on Thar Coal project at a local hotel of Hyderabad on Saturday.
“The situation at Thar is very poor, we are spending billions of rupees to produce electricity, but if the women and children are dying because of malnutrition there, then what is the use of such electricity, that is the reason we are planning on health, education, roads, employment and preservation of culture in the area of the project,” he said.
Mr. Shaikh further said that 18,000 acres of land are required for this project, out of which 6,000 acres of land has been purchased from the government, while the government has done payment to 90% locals for the 6,000 acres of land, while 10% poor people are unable to get the money, for that he is sorry.
“The need of energy is increasing day by day, 15000 mega watt electricity is required at this precise movement, but till 2040 the need would rise to one lakh mega watt, after researching on different sources of electricity production, we have come to conclusion that it is most beneficial to produce electricity from Thar coal of Pakistan. Out of 186 billion tons of coal available in Pakistan, 175 is present only at Thar, the Thar coal has more heating then oil found from Iran and Saudi Arabia,” he added.
He further elaborated that coal is also found in India just 92 km away from Thar, India has utilized all its coal but Pakistan is still pondering over it.

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