student left looking like a SNAKE due to exam stress

EDINBURGH: A student was too embarrassed to leave her house after university stress caused her to develop scaly, snake-like skin. Beth Webster, 23, first noticed a few small spots on her arm in the final year of her chemistry degree at the University of Aberdeen. But within just four months, the tiny marks grew into unsightly coin-sized splodges across her entire body. Despite being initially diagnosed with scabies, doctors eventually found the cause of her painful, itchy patches to be psoriasis. And now, studying for a master in journalism, she is free of the condition and the flaky marks across her body have began to fade away. Miss Webster said: It was taking me so long in the mornings to get ready – up to two to three hours – because I had to shower and moisturise everywhere – following doctor advice, by covering my skin in cream four times a day. She suffered a bereavement during her undergraduate course. The death came during her exams and made her studying extra stressful and overwhelming.

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