Sikh soldier in Indian Army rather fighting against Pakistan commits suicide

NEW DELHI: A Sikh soldier in the Indian army committed suicide over the idea of fighting against the land of Baba Guru Nank, Pakistan.
According to Indian media, the Sikh soldier ended his life as he did not want to be part of India’s war against Pakistan.
The soldier was of the view that he cannot play his role in the combat against Pakistan which is the land of Baba Guru Nanak, founder of the Sikh religion.
Baba Guru Nanak s tomb is in Pakistan where yearly Sikh pilgrimage comes from all around the world.
Indian Sikhs have said that their community has more freedom in Pakistan as they are called and accepted as ‘Sikhs’.
However; Indian constitution label them as ‘Hindus’ and force them to accept the Hindu religion.

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